Belk, Inc. Lilly Pulitzer Selling Specialist in Birmingham, Alabama

Lilly Pulitzer Selling Specialist

Birmingham, AL, United States

Job Id#: 20045

Date published: 14-Feb-2018

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Position Summary:

Position Summary

The Selling Specialist position is an in-store sales associate that represents both the vendor and Belk which reports directly to the Sales Team Manager. They must achieve and maintain standards beyond that of other sales associates. The goal of each Specialist is ultimately to improve department sales by demonstrating strong selling skills, providing excellent customer service, actively communicating relevant business information to the store and vendor, conveying a positive vendor image and merchandise presentations.

The Selling Specialist will be held accountable for their store’s performance to plan for the vendor they represent as well as many individual productivity measures. The Selling Specialists objectives/metrics for their annual performance appraisal will be the Belk Sales Associate Performance Review. Selling Specialists compensation will be based on the compensation plan assigned to the store/area in which they work.

Essential Functions/Responsibilities:

Essential Functions


  • Selling Specialists are responsible for meeting their stores plan for the vendor they represent.

  • Selling Specialists are responsible for meeting or exceeding all other Belk standards.

Clientele Development

  • Selling Specialists are responsible for clientele development by creating and

  • maintaining organized customer profiles.

  • Selling Specialists should communicate regularly with customers through mailings and phone.

  • Selling Specialists should maintain a ‘Wish List’.

  • Selling Specialists should send their customers Thank You and Birthday Cards (focus on top 50 customers)


  • Selling Specialists are responsible for maintaining product presentation standards as established by Belk and the vendor they represent in accordance with the stores guidelines.

  • Selling Specialists should coordinate with their visual team on any visual enhancement or major changes.

  • Vendor coordinators will review expectations regarding merchandise standards with Selling Specialists upon hiring and will continue to work with the Selling Specialist on a regular basis sharing new information. (Most stores/ vendors)


  • Selling Specialists are responsible for daily stock maintenance, ensuring that

  • merchandise presentations are neat, styles are replenished regularly, and that stock rooms remain orderly.

  • Selling Specialists should be aware of mark down and point of sale activity in the

  • department and will be responsible for set up (including necessary floor moves and

  • signing).

  • Selling Specialists should ensure that all asset protection policies/ practices are

  • followed.

  • Selling Specialists will be responsible for maintaining general housekeeping standards (register areas, stockrooms, etc.).

Communication with store and vendor

  • As a liaison between Vendor and the store, the Selling Specialist will communicate with store management and vendor representatives as well as fellow associates and customers.

  • Communication with store management and vendor should include selling activity,

  • stock deficiencies, operational concerns, product knowledge, and relevant competitive business issues.

  • Monthly recaps should be completed as directed. Monthly feedback report (some

  • vendors) will ask for information regarding customer requests, missed sales, stock needs, etc.

Promotions and Contests

  • Selling Specialists are responsible for coordinating special events, signage, mailings, collateral, and ensuring appropriate set up and follow through for all promotions.

  • Selling Specialists are responsible for working with sales managers on execution and follow up regarding event preparation, set up, etc.

  • Selling Specialists are responsible for informing other associates and all customers regarding promotions.

Product Knowledge

  • Selling Specialists are expected to be well educated on vendor product, vendor company direction, and attend vendor product knowledge seminars.

  • Selling Specialists should receive and review vendor sales performance from sales managers on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

  • Selling Specialists are expected to educate new associates, managers, and assistants on the vendor product.

  • Selling Specialists are expected to share vendor product knowledge with customer appropriately to increase vendor sales.

Daily Responsibilities

  • Maintain presentation standards throughout the day and ensure recovery at end of day.

  • Recover from previous evening’s business.

  • Ensure that all merchandise presentations are up to standard: fill-in where needed, straighten merchandise/fixtures.

  • Review sales: share department sales information with fellow associates and sales manager.

  • Set up scheduled promotions.

Weekly Responsibilities

  • Review previous week’s sales performance to plan and last year.

  • Communicate any concerns, suggestions, or product needs to Sales Team Manager.

Monthly Responsibilities

  • Complete monthly sales recap with specific information (some vendors).


Position Requirements

Education & Experience:

  • No education requirement.

  • Experience in retail preferred.

  • Excellent communication skills.


  • Ability to use computer keyboard, standard telephone and other related business equipment.

  • Hand manipulation to remove sensor tags

  • Ability to push / pull 100-500 pounds when moving stock carts

  • Task demands vary in each department because of the different types of merchandise.

  • Stocking requirements can involve reaching above & below shoulder level and lifting 25-50 pound boxes


  • Must be able to work a flexible schedule including evenings & weekends, due to shift rotation.

For reasonable accommodation information for an ADAAA qualified disability please see Belk Associate Handbook for policy and procedures.

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